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Central Park – 23.juni.2020

Simple, sweaty and challenging workout today. No 5 minute killer, no heavy lifts, just a good old 30 minute RFT workout:

5 rounds for time 100 Feet walking lunges 30 Sit ups 30/21 Cal For time As a coach, a wonderfull thing to coach. This 30 minute timecap gave us 30 minutes to give you guys all the individual attention you can get, and give as much coaching as we can on `basic´exercises like lunges, situps or biking. Tension in the bottom position, consistancy on the bike instead of a sprint and speedy movement in the sit-ups. Always something to learn! As an athlete, 30 minutes sounds a lot longer than it actually is. Doing the workout, the workout feels like it´s over in no-time. Just walk your way from movement to movement, without killing yourself in the proces. Just go for a steady pace, on both the gymnastic movements as the bike, and if we go banana´s, do this on the last cals on that bike. And you did. Oh, and for those of you who want a nice little song to listen to before resting your head tonight, enjoy:

Those who know, know 😉

( And if you don´t know, you are more than welcome to ask one of the coaches to ´do the Hokey Pokey´ with you and we´ll be happy to join you once again )



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