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Captain Hook - 6. September. 2021

While we want to move fast and get results, the path to results also is requires knowing our capacity relative to our technique. Its easy to go fast and move poorly. It is not easy to move fast and well. Sometimes (most times) moving a little slower and being more patient will garner results quicker. Today, we will focus on “ Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”.

We ended up getting alot of our athletes swinging like tarzan and jane, whilst showing our strength on some db moving like monkeys too.

A member of ours has returned from a long break svenja welcome back, you have been missed, i new member Lars Erik has come to join the Verftet Family and is enjoy himself alot. Also someone new just showed up today and wanted to try out what we are all about here, her name is Anna Nyland. If you have her in your class, show her what Verftet is all about.


We are thinking about changing the 7:00 class to 7:30 as of next week, this is for the morning people. We would like to hear from you morning athletes, if this is something you would like to be change and is a good concept for everyone. That wants to train in the mornings

We are also wanting to inform you guys about the single training spots that alot of us has been asking about, Please bare with us on the new room next door being made we are trying our best to fix it up ready for you guys, for you to have fun in that space. Having said that if you are wanting to train and Verftet is having classes in all rooms. Please talk to the coach having that room, we will do our absolute best to make space for everyone to train on there own, in that area. We only ask of you to respect the class or course being taken in that room, whilst you are training on your own with barbells or machines.

awesome job today Tarzans and Janes love to hear the monkey noises as the work got put in. See you guys for tomorrows workout, Have a fine evening - Ben.



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