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Bouncer - 18. January. 2022

Hey everyone getting back into that group feeling and we needed it for today, having a pacing workout today with a long timecap so going out hot would not have been the best plan for this

Having to do 1000m twice at the start to end means wanting not to do your 1k pace on each set, telling people today to have a set pace that will still get you off the row in under 5min and ready for the next station will bring out that success. the last 1000m is tricky cause you want o end it, but not really end it from the start so telling everyone to leave it till the last 200m and then finishing it of strong, will bring that joy victory that you did it right

The only thing we have not maybe at all is a one arm db overhead box step over, that was a tricky one to get use to but everyone fought on and found there way of complete this long and tough workout

Cant say much else guys pushing through things like this and finding your way will pay off in the end and also hard work of course

see you all tomorrow - Ben

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