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Body Burning – 01.december.2020

What a hell of a workout did we have today! It looked all so easy when you read the wod on the whiteboard, but everything beside of easy it was! A big burner for the legs and ass! Today’s workout consisted two lower body strength exercises and one upper body strength exercise. We started off the training, with firing the ass, with walking front rack lunges. With a running clock of 15 minutes did you have the time to find a heavy weight to complete 8 steps of front rack walking lunges. Focusing on squeezing the ass during the lunge and keeping the core tight! Everybody threw heavy weights on the bar and a big burn in the ass perceptible after this first strength section! Then the second part of the training were we had a 10 EMOM of 8 strict pull ups in the first minute and 12 Front Squats in the second minute. Looks easy especially if you know that it is only 45-55% of your max. Easy peacy lemon squeezy would you think, but no of course not. It’s crossfit guys! It’s not meant to be easy. So we choose today to make all no reps on the FSQ, means no full hip extension on top of the squat. This all to create a longer time under tension in the muscles, and a longer time under tension cause muscle growth! One of the best ways to get stronger without injuring yourself is increasing the Time Under Tension (how long is the muscle under tension or easier to say how long does it take to complete one full repetition). Why is this such a good tool? Because you can use less weight, what is really good to take off the stress of the tendons and the joints. Getting stronger while we’re using less weight! That’s amazing isn’t it?! Well I hope you guys liked today’s workout just as much as I did and hope the soreness will be noticeable tomorrow! God Natt Moonlights!



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