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Big Baller – 9.september.2020

Here´s some midweek inspiration for you: ´´25% physical, 75% emotional. Every task we have has a possible outcome, which is based 25% on the actual physical task at hand and 75% on the way we perform this task. When we think about it that way, successful action isn’t just about what we’re doing, and far more about how we’re doing it. Despite the battle being in our hands, it’s won in our mind.´´

This goes more than ever for the workout we had today. Fresh from the Verftet kitchen we brought you Big Baller today, a gruesome 18 minute conditioning piece, with lifting as many different objects as we can get in this timespan. There were dumbbells, barbells and wallballs, mixed up in a cocktail with the bike:

AMRAP 18: 50 Wallballs 40/30 Calorie Echo Bike 30 Deadlifts 20 Double Dumbbell Push Presses 10 Dumbbell Renegade Rows

Fighting yourself through a 3 minute workout is mentally relatively easy. How big are my chances of dying within these 3 minutes? Delivering the same fight for an 18 minute workout is a way harder task. Chances of dying are still 0, but in the head it might be pretty likely that if you do 1 more wallball, you´ll drop at your spot. But you can do one more wallball. You can always do one more wallball. It´s not the actual 18 minutes of work that makes it hard, maybe for 25%. The other 75% of your ´suffering´ happens between your ears. Which is both a nasty as a fantastic fact. Because the 18 minutes of work you cannot change, it´s the workout and you will do it. The way you handle these 18 minutes of work, the way you cope with the task at hand, the suffering between the ears, you can change! Going into this workout thinking: This is going to suck, will give you a totally different result & feeling after the workout than going into the workout with: I will enjoy this workout and make the best out if it. Not killing yourself in the first minute is important, not killing yourself at all even more important. We are here to have fun and feel good. We do our best to facilitate that, by giving you Big Baller today. That´s our 25% physical we hand to you. The other 75% emotional we try to teach, we smile and cheer and play nice music, but in the end it´s up to you. Enjoy your workouts, enjoy Verftet!



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