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Backsquat & Flash Flood - 27.november.2023

YES!! Just some 10 reps at heavy weight and then Thrusters with running or rowing or bike makes the blood flow nicely through our muscles after the Julebord Weekend.

The enlightened Bjørgulf!!

Johnny started a trend😍

Yes please get creative and hang yourself up at the Wall beside the Bar (entrance ;-))

It was a great party and we hope to see you all again in this environment next Year.

Now see people doin the row, the Barbell and the SQUAATT!

Building big Booty for the Summer! Who won that award??? Booty!

OH! and the Chalk Buckets are out 🪣, so please keep them clean, to keep them out 😇

Also Scores and Whiteboard from today:

Have a great evening and recover well! - Olli & Margrethe



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