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All the presses - 27. September. 2021

Monday is back and a new week has started for us, so for today we are focusing on different ways to get a load overhead. If it is with only shoulder powers, with some leg power, more leg power or the most leg power. All the different movements have different focuses towards the perfect timing, positions and activation. But doing all of them after each other, you will feel they are also very simular.

Happy days for crossift as of today Corona in norway has dropped its regulations, so the high fives can happen again. But if some of us are still unsure about the spacing and high fives. Then please respect eachothers choices, still be safe and happy

Mart is still going on with his lift off course and lifting off it is going, seeing people lifting heavier and walking with kb overhead is always good to see and to see it going somewhere. Looks positive for the members who are looking into lifting heavy soon

The good music was on and the bars was flying today, awesome job guys, great energy. see you guys tomorrow - Ben



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