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All Hands On Deck - 03.mai.2022

Updated: May 5, 2022

God kveld folkens!

Raise your hand if the 100/100 workout from Monday made you sore. Just kidding, raising your arm hurts, you can keep it down. 😎

After all that volume of pushing and pulling today brought us a workout that was a lot more diverse with jumping rope, farmers carry, pushing, and lunges. This required a little strategic pacing to make it through the 20 minutes and get the most out of the workout. You guys pushed it to do just that, taking a little extra time to work on the front rack position, hand and hip placement in the handstand push-ups, and careful execution of all those lunge steps.

  • A friendly reminder to please double-check if all doors are locked if you are training after hours. Yesterday, the front door was left open all night. We like to keep all our training equipment at Verftet. So please please, pretty please, flick the switch to "stengt" and check if the door is locked when you leave.

  • We have gathered an impressive collection of lost and found items. It ranges from jump ropes, grips, chalk, shoes, and towels to water bottles. On your next visit to Verftet, please take a look if there is anything there that belongs to you or your family. We will be bringing everything that is still in there on the 18th of Mai to be recycled or re-used.

  • At 18:00 we were firing on all cylinders with a WOD in the main room, Competitive Class with Jorgen in the Lifting Room, and a PT group in Sal 3! A full house!

Today's whiteboard was pretty full of names, good to see everybody showing up day after day.

Tomorrow we will be working in a team during the workout, so partner up and high-five each other.

We'd love to see you again soon!




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