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Adulting - 20.Juli.2021

After our fun day yesterday with snatching, we wanting to give you a classic crossfit workout with having a DB, box, bike and rack. For having starting the day we got the body warm with biking and various movements on warming the shoulders and legs for the day workout.

The Movement prep for today was to get everyone bracing the midline (stomach) so those heavy DB was safely over the shoulders and not using the back to stand on the boxes. After that we tested you guys to find the pace that will be able to maintain throughout the workout and get the target calories we was wanting you to do.

After our T2B practice and warm-up, spec warm up time getting the body ready for this 18min of work

. Trying to teach our athletes to capture each round with a timecap of 6min per round is not easy, with having a steady pace throughout the workout and using the right standard to get through this fun workout

After 3…2…1 Its time to rock and roll.Everyone hit the workout in the best way.

Getting started with verftet 4.0 Andreas and mart working hard to get starting with working like men, or small boys haha


31st on July we are having a Party for the summer and hoping you guys will join us for good music, shows and fun time. We are also going to broadcast the corssfit games on the evening as we love to see our sport on the big screen. Hope you had a awesome day guys see you tomorrow



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