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If you are hurt, stiff, injured, or hitting a plateau in your training, an Assessment is a start to your solution. We will take up to 90 minutes to map out where you are right now. What might be going on? How does this influence your training, work, or social role? What do we need to find out? Where can we start working to improve? You will leave the assessment with a clear understanding of what is going on, what you can do to improve and how exactly to work on that.

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Thaddeus has over 15 years of experience as a sports physiotherapist and manual therapist. He has worked with anybody from everyday athletes to weekend warriors, Olympians, and CrossFit Games athletes.

He is in the unique situation to sit you down and have the time to really listen to your story. Has the knowledge and expertise about the human body, mind, and our training methodology. His approach is not one of "fixing" issues, it is one of guiding you in the direction of improvement. 

Is an Assesment something for me?

If you are unsure if this is for you, book a free conversation with us to find out you if we are best suited to help you right now. If not, we will happily refer you to our network of (medical) specialists or any of our coaching staff.
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La oss komme i gang

Movement assessment gjøres med en av våre sertifiserte trenere og kan bookes direkte under her. Om du er usikker på om du trenger en movement assessment kan du booke en gratis konsultasjon med en av våre trenere og om du har noen spørsmål ta gjerne kontakt.

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